I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.


Join Our Valentine's February Challenge

For the Love of Movement

Love The Way Your Body Moves

 This February, eFIT30 is challenging you to connect positively with how your body works, feels and adapts. Our free Valentine's 28 Day Program has been designed to help you experience accomplishments with your body each day instead of focusing on how you look or how much you weigh. 

Love Is In The Air 

How will you fall in love with movement if you only exercise to lose weight?

What's your passion? Something you LOVE to do? And when you do it, it makes you feel happy, centred and great about yourself. Is it a catch up with your Bestie? Or drawing, dancing, or cooking up a storm? Something that inspires that amazing feeling of joy and anticipation when you know you will do it. 

You don't schedule it in because you have to. Or because you feel guilty if you don't do it. Or because you feel you have to. You do it because it makes you feel awesome and enriches your day-to-day life. 

You can feel that same way about exercise. Really.

Awesome Gal Group 

Join our NEW online group for support, advice and accountability full of amazing, motivated and intelligent women - just like you. Connect with others doing the same thing as you. 

Find Movement You Love

All you need to do is move your body regularly. Think of ways to move that you don’t hate – Walking? Cycling? HIIT Classes? Yoga? Dancing? Pilates? We've got a range of things for you to try. 

Find Your 'WHY' To Train 

Exercising merely to burn calories and change your appearance sucks it of any joy. It becomes a chore. But when we explore the many OTHER reasons to move regularly, you free yourself. We'll be exploring many ideas over the month. 

Join Our Free February Valentine's Coaching Program 

BONUS: Get a free copy of our planner and activity guide


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