I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

eFIT 30

Yoga Workout Videos

At-Home Yoga Practice

Whether you just can't get to your favourite Yoga studio or you want to use an at-home Yoga workout to balance your workout routine, we have a video to suit you. 

Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

This 30 min strong vinyasa flow gets you moving creatively with plenty of twists and balances to sharpen your mind for the day! Smile, play and have fun!

Strong Yoga Flow, 50 mins

This is a 45min strong flow with a focus on backbends, a little core work and hip openers. Designed for those with a regular Yoga practice, this sequence will spice up your day so be ready to flow, open up and enjoy! 

Vinyasa Morning Flow Practice

This "Good morning flow" practice is designed to allow you to be open and receptive to whatever is coming your way today. 

A Vinyasa yoga class involves linking asana's (body posture) and breath in a connective sequenced flow. 

Yoga At Home Practice

A quick half hour tune up for intermediate practitioners. A couple of advanced poses to try and a nice sweet warm down to savasana. Enjoy!


Easy Yoga Basics

This is a beautiful practice that is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a more gentle practice. Lisa guides you through an easy to follow practice that works on developing strength and balance in our physical bodies that will inevitably help to create strength and balance in our everyday lives

Iyengar Yoga 

David takes you through a great 30 minute routine that you can do at home with minimal equipment.

Iyengar Yoga, created by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga known for its use of props, such as belts, blocks, and blankets, as aids in performing asanas (postures). The props enable students to perform the asanas correctly, minimising the risk of injury or strain, and making the postures accessible to both young and old. The development of strength, mobility and stability are emphasized through the asanas.

Yoga for Sleep 

This is Valerie's Bedtime Yoga class from. She will guide you through a full 30 minute routine for a restful nights sleep.

Yoga to aid Detachment

Jumping straight into play with a few variations of flowing salutations, opening up the front body with a few back bends and concluding with a sweet shoulder, upper back and neck release.

At-Home 30 Min Yoga Practice

A relaxing and gentle practice you can do at home with minimal equipment. 

30 minutes long. 

12 Week Training and Coaching

Designed to build shapely, lean muscle, our amazing eFIT 12 Week Kickstart Plan switches on and fires up your body's fat-burning capacity. Learn the basics of lifting to torch calories. Full app access, video instruction and email support with your Trainer.


Free 30 Day Squat Challenge

The eFIT30 Squat Challenge includes over 12 different squat variations sculpt your legs + booty more effectively. Each exercise has been carefully selected for its' ability to effectively target + tighten your entire lower body over the next 30 days. Join us FREE!

4 Week Fat-Loss Accelerator

Get weekly downloads including diet guidelines, meal plans, recipes, home gym set up, goal setting, change management, how-to curb cravings & more!

Includes full workout app access, video instruction and more...


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