I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

Strength Training 

Workout Videos

Workout Videos

Click through the categories below to choose a video you can do at home, the gym or outdoors! 

Lean Leg Day Workout

A total body workout you can do at home or the gym... You will need;

1) Hand weights / dumbbells

2) A Step of some description

3) A Fit Ball

4) A chair or bench

20 minute workout. Includes step ups, lunges, hamstring ball curls, cardio plus upper body like rows, pushups and more. 

Hustle for Your Muscle    

A full body workout you can do at home. 

Learn how to use a fit ball for an added challenge with body weight exercises. 

You'll need a bit of room, some dumbbells and a ball to get the most out of this training program. 

30 minute workout. Follow along at home. 

Strong Not Skinny

This equipment free, bodyweight session includes some cardio and resistance work. 

You only need a small space to train in. Focus is on cardio as you sculpt lean muscle to improve tone with high rep ranges. Sound like fun? It is. 

This session is perfect if you're looking for a workout to help you with weight loss. 

Fat Loss Routine for Upper Body

We'll be using intervals to get your heart rate up as you focus on bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere. 

All you need is a mat, a bench and a little bit of room. 

You'll be working triceps, core and chest primarily during this 30 minute session. 

Core Workout for Toned Abs

Use this 15 minute workout as a stand alone session or an abs workout at the end of another workout or run.

And because it focuses on supersets, you can do it twice in a row for a real challenge. Exercises in this video include crunches, bicycles, leg extensions, leg raises and planks. 

If you're looking to hurt when you laugh the day after your workout, try this session.  

Best Fat-Burning Exercises for Legs

Want to work on trouble spots like abs, thighs and butt? 

This 15 minute, superset workout will focus on these areas. Leg raises for inner and outer thighs, clams, squats and more. 

Feel the burn! Use this workout by itself or as a finisher to another workout or even after your daily walk. 

Six Pack Abs Workout

This "HARD CORE" (yes I went there) gives your abs 100 exercises in 15 minutes! 

It's crunch time. Jess takes you through an amazing 15 minute core workout that will leave you feeling your abs for days. If you want to know how to get defined abs, this is the video for you. 

Workouts To Lose Weight

This session uses a 2:1 work to rest ratio across 15 basic exercises. 

All over body workout. No equipment needed -- bodyweight strength training. With an emphasis on great form and time under tension, this workout helps you build your fitness base. Suitable for beginners.

Length: Approx. 15 minute workout

Workout Video Using Body Weight

Tone it up! This free workout is the perfect introduction to getting fit again. 

We focus on controlling movements, proper activation and technique to maximise your calorie burn. 

This is a workout video without equipment so you can train at home or outdoors. 

12 Week Training and Coaching

Designed to build shapely, lean muscle, our amazing eFIT 12 Week Kickstart Plan switches on and fires up your body's fat-burning capacity. Learn the basics of lifting to torch calories. Full app access, video instruction and email support with your Trainer.


Free 30 Day Squat Challenge

The eFIT30 Squat Challenge includes over 12 different squat variations sculpt your legs + booty more effectively. Each exercise has been carefully selected for its' ability to effectively target + tighten your entire lower body over the next 30 days. Join us FREE!

4 Week Fat-Loss Accelerator

Get weekly downloads including diet guidelines, meal plans, recipes, home gym set up, goal setting, change management, how-to curb cravings & more!

Includes full workout app access, video instruction and more...


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