I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

January Workout Calendar

If you've done a challenge with eFIT30 before, you might notice this one is a little different. Over the month, we'll give you a taster of many different styles and workouts - and why not? It's a new year so time to try a range of new things. The end result for you is a healthy, sustainable habit of moving every day - in the comfort of your home. 

Each week you'll have Pilates, Yoga, Strength and Cardio workouts, plus some stretching and relaxing days.

Something else you'll need: Make sure to download our workout PDF's to ensure you get the most out of the next month. We have suggestions for meals plus recipes, a handy healthy habits Living Lean guide and more. 

Because workouts are only a small part of the health equation, other factors, like getting enough sleep, eating a range of healthy foods, increasing your daily activity and managing your mental health can all contribute to a healthy, Living Lean lifestyle. Get the supporting downloads here... 

Living Lean 2019

New Year Workout Challenge

Day 1. 

Upper Body and Arms Workout. 

30 Mins

Day 2.

Glutes, Legs and Hips Workout. 

30 mins

Day 3. 

Full Body Stretch to release tight sore muscles.

30 Mins


Day 4. 

Pilates for Beginners. Focus on Lower Boday.

30 Mins

Day 5.

Cardio Dance Move Basics 

20 mins

Day 6. 

Cardio - whole body routine you can do at home.

30 Mins

Day 7. 

Stretch and Release Your Muscles. Active Rest.

30 Mins

Day 8.

Fitball / Swissball Workout Cardio and Balance

50 mins

Day 9. 

Full Body Blitz. Cardio and Strength

30 Mins

Day 10. 

Beginner Stretch Yoga Class focusing on lower body 

30 Mins

Day 11.

Cardio Interval Training. HIIT.

30 mins

Day 12. 

Full Body Strength Booster. All over body.

30 Mins

Day 13. 

Pilates Workout. Glutes and Legs

30 Mins

Day 14.

Cardio Dance Workout with Core Focus

30 mins

Day 15. 

Lower Body Stretch to release tight sore muscles.

20 Mins

Day 16. 

Upper Body and Arms Workout. 

30 Mins

Day 17.

Abs and Lower Body Workout. 

30 mins

Day 18. 

Release Your Back and Lower Back Stretches 

30 Mins

Day 19. 

Pilates Butt and Thigh Burner

30 Mins

Day 20.

Interval HIIT Cardio Routine 

30 mins

Day 21. 

Urban Dance Basics - Beginner friendly

30 Mins

Day 22. 

Yinyasa Flow Practice for Whole Body

30 Mins

Day 23.

Core and Abs Focus Workout. 

30 mins

Day 24. 

Lower Body Workout with Activation

30 Mins

Day 25. 

Whole Body Focus - and Calorie Burn

40 Mins

Day 26.

Arms, Core and Cardio Pilates Workout

30 mins

Day 27. 

Full Body Stretch, Relax and Refresh

30 Mins

Day 28. 

Yoga - Side Body Workout - Challenging. 

45 Mins

Day 29.

Glutes, Legs and Hips Yoga Practice.

30 mins

Day 30. 

Cardio Full Body Calorie Blast

30 Mins

Day 31. 

Fight Exercise and Kickboxing 

30 Mins

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