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Living Lean

Want to know how YOU can live lean?

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Delicious Meal Ideas and Recipes

Living Lean 

Your Living Lean 7 Day Kickstart includes a full 7 day menu with recipes, 100 calorie snack options, and 7 days of workouts and workout videos for you to enjoy doing at home!

The meal plan is designed to fuel your body with good, healthy ingredients including healthy fats, lean proteins, energy-rich carbs, and lots and lots of vegetables. Oh, did we forget to mention flavour? Meals are delicious!


At-Home Training

We combine some of our favourite Pilates workouts with some at home training using bands and bodyweight.

Pilates puts the emphasis on aligning the body, working on your breathing and developing core strength, and our workouts are focused on calorie burning, lean muscle growth and fun! 

All you need for your home training is perhaps a MAT and some RESISTANCE BANDS. 

Each day we're aiming to increase your activity and move purposefully in the direction of LIVING LEAN. 

You'll also enjoy our 7 DAY KICKSTART delicious and easy meal plan. 

Want something more? 


Sculpt + Define

App Training 
4 Week progressive program that you can do at home or the gym. Supported by our amazing fat loss nutrition plan. 

Fat-Loss Accelerator

Up the intensity with this program designed to be done at home or the gym. 
Use the app to record your progress. 

Strengthen + Lengthen

Pilates + Dumbbells training - strengthen as you lengthen. 

Supported by our fat loss nutrition plan. 





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