I've moved. VERY Small Group Training Sessions start NOW. Dalkeith, Perth WA.

I've moved. VERY Small Group Training Sessions start NOW. Dalkeith, Perth WA.

Skipping - How to Boost Your Burn

Skipping - How to Boost Your Burn

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A skipping rope is a cheap and highly effective piece of workout gear. And it fits into your handbag so you can take it wherever you go. Not sure of what size to buy? I’ve put the details in the download below for you.

I want to help clients and friends to understand how to increase their daily activity and exercise without it taking over their lives. Simple ideas like the benefits of a simple 20-minute lunchtime walk, eating 1-2 cups of salad before lunch and dinner, getting portion sizes right – and now I’m adding some simple, fat-blasting activities to increase your energy output every day.

I’ve put together a super simple beginners guide – from how to find the right sized rope through to basic jump rope moves and some workouts. Download it free below.

Exercise is cumulative -so all the little bits and pieces add up to help you burn extra – without you experiencing burn out.

Benefits of skipping on your health (besides fat loss)…

  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve leg muscle tone
  • Work on balance and agility
  • Improve cognitive function – skipping uses body and brain power
  • Fast and portable

When you get started, I recommend that you alternate jumping with lower intensity exercise, such as marching, or figure 8’s or slowly build by number and you’ll be able to jump for longer periods. You’ll probably not be able to jump a full 10 minutes to start with. Download my beginners guide below with the top moves and some ideas on super easy workouts.

Remember: warm up properly and check with your doctor if you’re starting a new workout regime.

Download a free introduction to skipping workbook plus exercise programs here.


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