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Measurement Chart

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Measure yourself to chart your progress. 

A lot of ladies I meet believe that the number on the scale is the ONLY way to measure your success. But the numbers can be very misleading as they don't show the anything but how much you weigh. And weight can be influenced by so many things - periods, constipation, how much you've eaten, how hydrated you are, how much salt you've eaten and more...


So … have you done your MEASUREMENTS to track your progress?

Track your intake of food and drinks — to spot leaks in your action steps — AND regularly take your measurements.  Not daily or everytime you visit the bathroom as can happen with weighing yourself. But every couple of weeks. Quite often you’ll find that you have lost size even though you may not be noticing or seeing a huge difference in yourself. 


Imagine how awesome that feels!


When it comes to body recomp it takes time. 


Especially when it comes to stubborn fat, it takes time to release. And even though the number on the scale may not drop as quickly as you’d like, chances are you probably feel that change happening in other aspects of your life. 


This is a good time to reflect on how far you’ve already come, no matter where you are on your journey. And to embrace the small successes you’ve had along the way. In the end, all the small steps add up some significant change.


Don’t let the scale get you down when the scale fails to paint the full picture. 


Keep plugging away! Download the free chart and instructions here... 

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