I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

Weight Loss VS Body Shaming

The last thing I want to do to is tell you there's a 'way' to get weight loss results. I don't work that way. After communicating with so many women over so many years, I've noticed how many of us are removing the key fundamentals of eating well and training as part of our daily rhythm.

Good nutrition and exercise should be an intrinsic part of our daily self-care regime. Not because we think our thighs shouldn't touch. Or any other faults we are told we have.  

How many of us have a fitness/weight loss goal that focuses on taking the best care of our self possible? You deserve a positive experience from your chosen training.  You should be getting excited about your gains, not shamed, manipulated or bullied.


When you think of your goals, are you confident you will see remarkable results? And are you able to revel in what your body can do because your program focuses on achievements, not losing? Are you making sustainable choices to promote a positive lifestyle you can see yourself maintaining 1, 2 or 3 years down the track? 

Or is your entire objective to get skinny? How does that make you feel?

I encourage you to pursue improving your aesthetics and to have big ambitions. I love muscle. And I think women deserve to look as strong as they are. I want you to challenge yourself so you get an understanding of how it feels to be physically strong. That's the fun part. But I want you to think of weight loss as secondary to enhancing your general condition. Hear me out, I'm not being airy-fairy. 

Goals focused on losing centimetres via deprivation and physical punishment will set you up to fail repeatedly. You may already have a history of this.

Why not strive towards increasing your quality of life and the pleasure of having your body instead? Where will you be in 12 weeks time? Burnt out? Defeated? Will you choose a plan that supports caring for yourself? 

Even if you don't want to lose weight or change your aesthetics, this should be where you start. Aim to achieve the following activities each day. Not for weight loss but in the interests of caring for your self. How many of these actions do you take regularly? 

You need to move, eat well and get the proper amount of sleep, regularly. It seems simple because it is. Clients love to tell me how busy they are. So, I've taken the liberty of putting in my favourite suggestions for moving more but not 'doing' more. 

And how does the Daily Schedule change when we add a conditioning or weight loss goal? 

By including a structured, intelligent training plan, we propel you from active towards productively training. In addition, we make sure your nutrition is capable of delivering the results you're working towards. Eat enough calories to sculpt and define lean muscle. Dieting and under eating will sabotage gains! 

Notice we've changed your primary focus but kept your goal? And in the process you've upgraded your approach. Instead of focusing on how much you have to avoid, depriving and torturing yourself for results, we're now aiming for sustainable, daily self-care designed to improve your overall condition. Nurturing your body will deliver much more than 'just' weight loss? 

By removing the focus on aesthetics, you're free to explore fun activities that add to your enjoyment of having an amazing body. You're no longer moving for 'weight-loss'. Changing your mindset so that you're exercising because you are caring for yourself helps you step out of the shame/deprivation/torture downward cycle. Set yourself free!

Does a positive approach change how you feel about getting active now? You have the power to create a whole new training and diet experience for yourself. 

Would you like more information on creating a sustainable training regime? Our new app gets you started with a program designed to help you embrace these self-care guidelines. 

eFIT30 offers support, a simple, pared back approach to eating and nourishing your body for sculpting a lean physique. And we offer a kick-ass guide to help you start training at home or in the gym. Click through below to find out more... 


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