I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

Pilates Strengthens The Mind Body Connection

Pilates is one of those workouts that necessarily doesn’t end when class does. The lessons and effects of pilates carry over into everyday life. Pilates teaches you how to control your body, mind and soul at the same time strengthening the mind-body connection. It conditions your muscles in a balanced way and increases your self-awareness by drawing your focus inward benefiting your emotional health. Stretching and strengthening of muscles will amplify your blood circulation and help ease any tension guiding you to feeling rejuvenated and calm after class. Although many people may do pilates for the mental health benefits it’s also an activity that burns calories even if it feels effortless at times.

A report published by the American College of Sports Medicine outlines pilates research conducted by Michele Olson, Ph.D. Olson and her team. They measured the calories burned during beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates mat workouts. The research team monitored heart rate, metabolic rate and rate of perceived exertion while the participants performed exercises in a random order. The research team found that a 30-minute session at an intermediate level burned 180 calories, and continuing the workout burned an additional 90 calories each 15 minutes.

More interesting results showed that beginner Pilates exercises burned energy comparable to active stretching, or to other low-moderate intensity exercises. The intermediate workout proved to be of a moderate intensity level, similar to speed walking at a rate of 4 to 4.5 mph. The advanced workout was found to be of high-moderate intensity, similar to taking a step aerobics class.

Pilates is one of those workouts where you can get a lot of bang for your buck so to speak. You are able to walk away from a pilates workout confidently knowing that not only have you burned calories but you will also be more focused, more productive and more at ease… and who doesn’t want that?

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