I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

I've moved. Personal Training Sessions NOW available - in your home! Dalkeith and surrounds, Perth WA.

Calories - How The Diet Industry Uses Them Against You

The Diet Industry...

This growing, multi-billion dollar industry thrives on misinformation being fed to consumers — particularly women. They don’t want you to know that they want you to fail, diets don’t work for more than a brief time and any results you get aren’t fast!

At this time of year, we tend to review our mistakes from our last 12 months and start planning for our new, fitter and slimmer selves. And the diet industry knows you’re vulnerable. They exploit the fact you’re open to spending big money to change how you look and feel. I want you to be prepared for the upcoming hardcore sales onslaught.

‘Weight loss’ is a concept created to make significant amounts of money. I'm going to give you the 'secret' to reducing body fat and improving your physique. Right now. For free. 

For most of my clients, we simply focus on improving their training and eating habits. These two simple things have the desired side-effect of reducing body fat while maintaining the metabolism and decreasing the risk of several common lifestyle diseases.

The diet industry really doesn’t want you to know it can be that easy.  Sustainable, long-term training and sensible eating that focuses on fresh foods are the cornerstones of results.

They don’t want you to know how your body responds to overtraining and under eating. Because if you’re able to tweak your eating and improve your training, you won’t need diets. They won’t make money off feeding your insecurities because there is no need to keep buying the repackaged rubbish they put out each year. Media and retailers perpetuate myths like diets or short-term programs for weight loss because it makes money for them.

I will clarify that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to change your body shape or improve your fitness if that’s what you want to do. Health and fitness are vital. But there is a whole lotta wrong with trying to get skinny to fit in with an unrealistic body image forced on you by an industry interested in making money, not helping you with your health.

Your responsibility is to understand how your body works and what it needs to avoid being sucked in by false promises of fast results, dangerous diets and the possibility of ongoing issues like eating disorders.

If you want to change the way your body looks or to improve your base fitness, do it. But do it safely and with your long-term health in mind — not to ‘lose weight’. Give yourself plenty of time. Make lifestyle changes, improve your eating and your strength or run times.

There’s no shortage of misinformation on the market. I ask clients to always check claims — and the first step is to check that if the person making a claim is selling a product. If they are linked to sales in any manner, you need to double check them.

When I ask clients who want to ‘lose weight’ what a calorie is and what it does, even though many of them have been on countless diets, they can't tell me much beyond wrongly believing that the fewer you eat, the better.

You actually need to eat to lose fat. Read more here about how to look after your metabolism and get amazing results.

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